The Herald-Times (Bloomington, IN) published a most informative article about my current opera project.

This summer got off to a busy start for my music. My Concerto for Trumpet was required repertoire for the Ryan Anthony Memorial Competition of the International Trumpet Guild, as well as optional repertoire for the Susan Slaughter Solo Competition of the International Women's Brass Conference.

Lauren Bernofsky Bernofsky Trumpet Concerto, I. Allegro

The Concerto for Trumpet is available in a piano reduction in both digital and hard copy format from Carl Fischer and major music retailers. The orchestral version is available for rental from Theodore Presser, and the orchestral score is viewable from this page.

The sort of thing composers only dream about: a full concert of our works, in Vienna! The dream came true in June -- I'd been contacted by the concert venue Alte Schmiede about doing a concert of my works, asking my permission. Permission? You bet! I was allowed to choose three instruments and suggest a recital program. The resulting concert was absolutely incredible, and I am happy (and grateful) to say that I got to witness it in-person.

I was recentl interviewed for a podcast by Diversify the Stand. I talk about what I see as a problem with new music in academe, how I got into composing, and my current composition project.

Just out from Carl Fischer is my latest piece for string orchestra, ON A SWING. It was just awarded Editors' Choice at J.W.Pepper.

My current project is a full-length opera. A few years back I discovered the story of Anton Schmid, an Austrian drafted into working for the Wehrmacht during World War II, who conducted undercover operations to save hundreds of Jews of the Vilna ghetto in Lithuania. I find his story, as well as the times and setting, fascinating; and I believe it is a story needs to be told. I have completed the first act in short score and am currently working to make a good piano-vocal score.

Upcoming conducting engagements:
- Ohio State String Teacher Workshop