Act I of my in-progress opera THE MENSCH was given an extraordinary premiere in a workshop performance at Indiana University.



My songs Nursery Rhyme and Of Molluscs were recorded by musicians from the Interlochen faculty. Also on the CD are works by Carrie Magin, Cynthia Van Maanen. Here is my song Nursery Rhyme:



My opera MOOCH THE MAGNIFICENT has received several performances around Ecuador, including this one at the Festival Internacional de Artes Vivas in the city of Loja. The singers, orchestra, and conductor Inigo Pirfano put on an absolutely miraculous performance! And the mastermind behind it all is the director Luisa Cuesta, who created staging, choreography, lighting, set design, and costumes beyond my wildest dreams. Here is a small taste of the production:



The Herald-Times (Bloomington, IN) published a most informative article about my in-the-works opera, THE MENSCH.


THE MENSCH is my current project, and it will be a full-length opera. A few years back I discovered the story of Anton Schmid, an Austrian drafted into working for the Wehrmacht during World War II. Through his position, he was able to conduct undercover operations to save hundreds of Jews of the Vilna ghetto in Lithuania, as well as give vital support to the emerging Jewish resistance movement. I find his story, as well as the times and setting, fascinating, and I believe it is a story that needs to be told. I have completed the first act in piano/vocal score and am currently doing historical research as I prepare to write the libretto for the second and third acts.


Upcoming engagements:
- The Making of THE MENSCH, lecture at Temple Beth Shalom, Bloomington, IN