Stage Works

BOOM (2012) musical
Mooch the Magnificent (2012) opera
Rufus and Rita (2016) opera
The Wizard of Oz (2006) ballet


Among All Creatures (2010) for baritone or soprano and harp
The Castle-Builder (2007) for mezzo soprano, cornet, and piano or orchestra; or soprano, horn, and piano
Five Songs on Poems of Robert Herrick (1999) for soprano and string orchestra (or piano)
Gingko Biloba (1999) for high voice, violin, and piano
Matzoh Brei (2018) for medium voice and piano or piano quartet
My Little Daughter's Shoes (2014) for mezzo soprano, cornet, and piano or orchestra
Morning Song (2012) for soprano, violin, and cello
(1999) for soprano and piano
Of Molluscs (1995) for mezzo-soprano and oboe, mezzo soprano and trumpet, or soprano and horn
The New Colossus (2018) for soprano and piano
The Troika (1985) for mezzo-soprano and piano
The Secret Philosopher (2020) for tenor or baritone and piano
Waterworks (2017) for baritone and piano
What the Moon Said (2010) for baritone and string quartet or piano


Christmas Bells (2007) for SATB chorus and bell-sound
Hanukkah Lights (2006) for two-part treble choir and piano
Hope is the Thing with Feathers (2017) for SATB chorus, flute, opt. cello, and piano
Know Peace For Ever (1987) for SATB choir and organ
The Lamb (2002) for three-part treble choir and piano
O Cosmos (2018) for SATB choir, clarinet, bassoon, percussion, violin, and bass
Prayer of Shantideva (2007) for SATB choir, oboe and strings or piano
Snow-Flakes (1998) for two-part treble choir and piano
The Tiger (2002) for three-part treble or SATB choir and piano
What Do You Hear, Chiquilla? (2017) for 1- or 2-part treble voices and piano


Abendstern (2010) for string orchestra
Adagio (1986) for double bass and piano
Anacostia Journal (2003) for string quartet
A Child in the House of the Storyteller (1989) for string quartet with optional narrator
Fandango (1990) for solo cello
Fantasia and Scherzo (2004) for cello or viola ensemble
Heart of Fire (2011) for string orchestra
Larghetto (2002) for string orchestra
Lullaby for Carolina (1999) for solo violin
Pas de Deux (1998) for violin and cello
Rhapsody (1991) for cello and piano
Song of the Phoenix (1992) for solo violin
Sonata for Violin and Piano (1985)
Sonata for Violin Solo (2019)
Sweet Melody (1998) for violin and piano
Twilight Reverie (2011) for string orchestra
Two Latin Dances (arr. 2018) for cello and piano
What the Moon Said (2009) for baritone and string quartet


Blue Monkey (2005) for flute and clarinet or two clarinets
Fantasia (2008/2020) for solo oboe
Fantasy (1992) for english horn (or saxophone) and piano
Nightscape (1988) for bassoon and piano or chamber orchestra
Solitude (1992) for clarinet and piano
Sonatine (2000)for flute and piano
Spring Song (2012) for clarinet or flute and piano
Two Folk Dances (2020) for woodwind ensemble


Capriccio (2020) for trumpet and piano
The Devil's Dermish (1994) for trombone and piano
Dona Nobis Pacem (2008) for two trumpets
The Duxbury Fanfare (1997) for brass quintet
Fanfare(2001) for elementary brass quintet
Fantasia (2008) for solo trumpet
From a Mother's Journal
(2018) for trombone and piano
Haubrich Suite (2019) for 2 trumpets, 2 horns, trombone, and tuba
Musica Solaris (2001) for brass quintet
Passacaglia (1990) for brass quintet, trombone quintet, or brass ensemble
Saltarello (1994) for trumpet and piano
Spring Song (2012) for trumpet and piano
Suite for Brass Quintet (1993)
Totentanz (1995) for tuba and piano
Trio for Brass (2002) for trumpet, French horn, and trombone
Trumpet Concerto (1998) for trumpet and orchestra or piano
Two Latin Dances (2015) for trombone and piano


Australia Suite (1996)
Arctic Moon (2000)
Ettenna and Mot (1998)
Monkey Mischief (2016)
Piano Sonata (2001)
Rainstorm (2004)
Waltz-Fantasy (1997)

Mixed Ensembles

Blue Monkey (2005) for clarinet and violin
The Castle-Builder (2007) for mezzo-soprano, cornet, and piano; or soprano, horn, and piano
Introduction and Waltz (1987) for english horn, clarinet, bassoon, violin, viola, and cello
Meditation (1985) for oboe, bassoon, violin, viola, and cello
Mesoamerican Suite (2015) for trumpet, cello, and percussion
My Little Daughter's Shoes (2014) for voice, cornet, and piano
Serenade (2002) for flute and violin
Soundscape (1987) for flute and percussion ensemble


Abendstern (2010) for string orchestra
The Castle-Builder (2007) for mezzo, cornet, and piano or orchestra
Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra(1998)
Five Songs on Poems of Robert Herrick (1999) for soprano, string orchestra, and percussion
Folk Dance Suite (2007) for string quartet or string orchestra
Nightscape (1988) for bassoon and chamber orchestra
Ode to a Forgotten Past (1991) for orchestra
Three Portraits of a Witch (2006) for chamber orchestra


Cloud Nine (2001)
Heart of Fire (arr. 2018)
We Wish You a Klezmer Christmas (arr. 2018)

Film Music

"Morning Reverie" (2011)
"Partita"(Year of the Rat Productions) (2004)

Educational Music

Abendstern (2010) for string orchestra
Australia Suite (1996) for piano
First Snow (2009)
A Minor Case of the Birthday Blues (2010)
The Red Iguana Rhumba (2005) for intermediate string orchestra
Snow-Flakes (1998) for two-part treble choir and piano
Wired (2011) for string orchestra

Additional pedagogical works can be found at J. W. Pepper.